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For the ones who want to cut on their kilos, this is the perfect diet. The diet is called emergency diet, because it’s designed for those who don’t have much time for losing weight.

With this diet, you will get rid of the extra kilos and purify your body in only one day.

The important thing about the diet that you must know is that is consisted of juices, smoothies and teas.

Here is the routine that you should follow:

At 8 am: drink lukewarm water with squeezed lemon

At 10 am: drink 1 glass of water with orange

At 12 noon: take a cup of green tea

At one p.m.: then take a cup of water with carrot juice

At 3 pm: consume  1 cup of tea(whatever you like)

At 5 pm: you need to take a glass of natural juice you like

At 7 pm: this time another cup of green tea

At 9 pm: consume 1 glass of water with grapefruit juice

At 10 pm: this is your final drink for the day and you should drink the same as when you woke up, lukewarm water with lemon.

Note: at the day you decide to practice this diet, don’t take any sweeteners beside raw honey(it is the only thing you can add in your drinks throughout the day.)

With this diet you will lose weight in only 24 hours, and it’s really amazing. Your stomach will be much more flat, and your body will be energizes as never before, thanks to the detoxification you have complete.

If you think that you can’t stand one day without eating and that you will get sick, this diet is not for you.

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